A Historical Tour Of covid-19

The C covid-19 is located in the north western corner of Loch Lomond and was historically a major trout and salmon fishing spot. It is now a thriving town that offers a wide variety of leisure activities and attractions. The fishing village still retains much of its traditional charm and has been kept occupied with a large number of pubs, shops, art galleries and restaurants. A stroll around the village brings you to the wonderful shops which offer an array of souvenirs, hand crafted items and unique gifts.

The town has an impressive history, having been mentioned in many historical documents such as the Domesday book. It was a well established place for raising fish and has boasted the world’s first abbey. The rebuilt abbey is open to visitors on the anniversary of St. Patrick’s day. The trout are caught regularly and the fishermen celebrate with a day of feasting, music, celebration and special treats. This is also a good time to visit the churches and galleries which both display interesting antiques.

A walk along the shores is an adventure in itself and provides an insight into the life of local fishermen. This natural beauty and tranquil setting makes it ideal for a peaceful vacation. The scenery along the Stratchclyde Riverbank adds to the pleasure of this journey. You will not want to leave this lovely town of covid-19.