A New Feature of Word Wide Webhosting

WordlWide is the industry’s latest and most innovative content management system that allows webmasters to manage a huge variety of web pages in a way that’s similar to having a “butterfly pattern” on all their pages. It provides search engine spiders with a “pattern” of links from each page, which helps search engines determine where a particular website is located. In a way, WordlWide is like having your website “eat its own tail,” as if it were a butterfly. You can literally have the “butterfly” tail on a website without having to create an entirely new website.


This is important because content management systems are still being developed and new features and functions are constantly being added to these systems. While Webmasters looking for a solution to manage their web pages may not need all the bells and whistles of a fully-outfitted Content Management System, some of the features that WordlWide offers may be of use to them. First of all, WordlWide allows you to easily create search fields for your pages, which allows you to categorize your pages based on keywords or themes. Also, you can add forms to your web pages, which lets users input information into your site. Finally, you can publish your web pages, just like a normal HTML page, and you can publish to multiple locations through the use of RSS feeds.

The final major advantage to WordlWide lies in its ability to provide search engine spiders with a “webbypix” of your web pages. The webbypix feature will allow search engines to index your web pages much like a regular web browser would. For example, if you used Google to search for “cupcakes,” your web pages would show up in the results along with all the other pages associated with that search. By providing Google with this information, WordlWide allows your web pages to show up more often in a user’s search results, and this can be extremely beneficial in the long run.