Are You a Victim of Gambling Addiction?

While gambling is considered a form of entertainment, its emotional and financial consequences are real and can affect all areas of your life. Some people engage in regular binges, and the emotional and financial effects are the same. Once a person cannot control their impulses, however, it becomes a problem and can lead to unhealthy outcomes. Here are some signs that you may be a victim of gambling addiction: These symptoms may be a sign of a larger problem.


Problem gamblers often consider their gambling an extension of their daily activities, and try to fund their habit with the money they spend on gambling. The lack of financial resources may cause them to resort to borrowing from friends, or even using credit cards. The APA has yet to fully define problem gambling as a mental disorder. Despite the negative effects of gambling, it is worth seeking professional help. There are free and confidential counsellors available to help people who are struggling with this problem.

Gambling is an addiction. If you can’t quit gambling, it may lead to depression and other negative outcomes. In addition to negative effects on your health, gambling may affect your relationships. You may lose interest in non-gambling activities and focus less on work. Also, your money is redirected from long-term goals to more important matters. If you or someone you love is suffering from gambling addiction, there is a strong chance that you could be one of them.