Diet for Athletes – How Much Food Should I Eat?

Food is any material consumed by an animal to provide essential nutrition for an organism, with the distinction being that in human beings food is normally of animal, plant or fungi origin, and has necessary nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, or other nutrients required for growth. The different types of food are: cooked food, raw food, dietary nutrition food, fat food, fruit and vegetable food, and alcoholic beverages. Eating any one of these five types of food may therefore help you live a healthy life. However, most people in this world prefer to eat cooked food, because they find it more tasty, and also because they don’t require too much cooking time. However, if you wish to lead a healthy life and stay away from health problems, you should learn to eat only raw or unprocessed food, which is rich in all the essential nutrients necessary for your body.


Raw food is food which is eaten in its original state; i.e. it is food which does not contain any salt, sugar, cholesterol, or any other additives, and doesn’t contain any enzymes or vitamins either. These nutrients are lost when food is cooked or heated so that they release their nutrients immediately. Foods like raw nuts, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, peas, mushrooms, seaweeds, tofu, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, whole-grain foods, legumes, pulses, and unprocessed meats are all rich in protein.

The best type of food is the type, which contains all the nutrients that you need to live healthily. If you can eat a lot of raw nuts, seeds and vegetables, with a little bit of legumes, beans, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a little bit of protein, then you will remain fit and fine. The protein consists of amino acids, which are very important for your body. These acids can be found in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese. You need a minimum of sixty grams of protein each day in order to build strong and healthy bones. You also need ten to fifteen grams of fiber each day for digestion and to keep your stomach full.