How to Create Word Wide Area of White Space

Wordlwide, the plural of the word, is a printing technology that makes use of several CMYK colors to create the image of a word. The CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black) colors are used as a standard by most printing companies to produce the images of the text in any format. If you want to get a glimpse of how Wordlwide works, just think of a normal Word document. In the Windows version of Word, a document is viewed as blocks of text with a gray background.


If you open a Word document in Wordwide, you will find that there is plenty of white space around each line. This means that you can fill up this white space with any type of formatting effects you want. For example, you can create tabs or subheading, put in a legend or header, or even have decorative effects like custom music. You can use all these effects only if your computer has support for them.

The best thing about Wordlwide printing is that it uses a CMYK printing process to print on a colored background. There is no reason why you should experience any ghosting or distortion even if you use different types of CMYK colors. Most Wordlwide products are sold in vinyl sheets, which are transparent sheets of vinyl with an adhesive backing. You can use any type of graphics software to create a vinyl sticker for your product. Just cut the required amount from the vinyl sheet and stick it to the Word document.