How to Make news – Using Current Media to publish Your Facts

News is essentially information which was not known before either recent or historical events were broadcast over the television, radio, internet or on newspaper. For example a news report of a tidal wave hitting southern California and destroying a hotel in Santa Barbara would be news. Another example of news would be a couple saying they are getting married in a small village near their home in Norway. Such news has to be current or it will not be published.


A large number of people get news through different medium such as newspapers and television stations but the latest and current information is made available through social networking sites. For instance Facebook, Twitter and MySpace all make news stories available for a large number of people within a short period. This makes news much more current and people do not have to rely only on newspapers and television to know what is going on in their cities and towns.

In-depth reporting on a specific news story makes news more interesting for a large number of people. A feature story in a major newspaper makes a very significant difference when it comes to keeping the readers interested. The in-depth reporting is usually done by a seasoned reporter who specializes in a specific subject and is well versed with that subject. A feature article is designed to attract a large number of readers and is written with a lot of personal opinion about the subject of the news story.