Make News Out of Any Occasion – Even if It’s Ordinary

In the United States, local news coverage on topics related to state and local government are usually the first to be updated. In many instances, the local media also play a significant role in educating citizens on issues and events that impact their everyday lives. The most commonly reported national news story of the year is hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Houston region on Friday, September 12. As of Tuesday, Hurricane Ginger will likely strike parts of Florida, including the Tampa Bay area.


Local news coverage on topics that affect and influence residents of a particular area can make newsworthy material for local radio stations and television stations. For example, many people may be surprised when they learn that the State of California is working to restore the sex offender registries to ensure its citizens are protected from sexual offenders. Such stories may affect public safety and the willingness of some residents to live and work within a clean environment.

Some topics are more unusual in nature and make for good news stories. For example, in Japan, bamboo shoots and fruit baskets are used as both a food and a decorative accessory. These unusual products not only enhance the appearance of any home or business, but also provide many people with a healthier lifestyle. While some may consider this type of product newsworthy, others may not. It is ultimately up to the reader as to whether or not the information is relevant and important enough to pass the hype.