The First Quarter Century of the New York Times

News is information regarding current affairs. This can be given through various medium: print, broadcast, newspaper networks, television, radio, or by the testimony of witnesses and analysts to current events. When news is present, it is normally presented in two ways: as a written article and as a news bulletin. The first form of news is more common, while the other is more informal. In the former, the news items are already being disseminated to the media, while in the latter, the reader will receive the news as a bulletin.


In any event, the purpose of news is to inform the public. In doing this, it should be noted that not all news items are made public. Official announcements and the results of major events such as wars, floods, earthquakes, and such are normally announced through government agencies or through press. Important but confidential information like the latest developments in business, political power, scientific discovery, etc., is normally kept from the general public to control the influence on the decision-makers.

It is very common for the news to be reported by various news agencies. These agencies compete for the attention of the public with claims and promotions. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for the average person to get reliable and verifiable information and to decide what he/she should do or what news story is worth reporting and what information is not.