Travel Health and Safety

Travel is the motion of individuals between various distant geographic locations. It could be people moving from one point to another or individuals moving from one city or town to another. Travel can also be one way, between places on the same timeline, or round trip, and can take any form with or without personal luggage. There are many different forms of travel: land travel, air travel, sea travel, and road travel.


There are many ways in which travel can vary depending on the mode of travel chosen, the time of year, the climate, personal preferences, and the restrictions of each individual’s itinerary. One way in which travel varies greatly is through travel restrictions. Some countries may not be safe for travel during certain times of the year and/or during certain temperatures, while in others people may be restricted to traveling certain distances.

When traveling internationally, travelers must comply with both local and foreign laws and regulations regarding health, sanitation, currency exchange, and safety. This article only covers a few of the many precautions travelers must take to ensure they have the safest travel possible. For further information on traveling abroad, as well as information on traveling within the United States, see the Department of State’s travel guide. For international travel, please contact the Department of State for more information on traveling with family and children.