Wordlwide is a wireless network that is used for sharing word documents between PCs and smart phones. The service is provided by several vendors who offer their Wordlwide services via the internet (either over CD-ROM or through a browser). Some of the most popular Wordlwide services include:


Documents can be shared between PCs and smart phones with the use of Wordlwide. It is a content management system (CMS) where all documents are stored in a central database that is accessible either from the server or directly by the user. A person can install Wordlwide on his computer and then share all documents with other users either through instant messaging (IM), Gtalk, or email. Wordlwide services are commonly used by the front desk personnel and airport shuttle service managers to manage the flow of work in the office and prevent delays caused due to traffic jams.

An office network without a Wi-Fi hot spot can reduce productivity and can also bring down the cost of running the office network. A company can save a lot of money by installing Wordlwide throughout its office premises. It enables employees to check in on the status of work in real time and collaborate with each other easily. Wordlwide also allows companies to track the flow of traffic into and out of the office premises easily using real-time data provided by the systems. Some of the common companies that use Wordlwide technology include: American Signage Institute (ASI), Association for Hospitality and Specialty Services (AHSS), and Philips Corporation.