Controlling the Contamination of Covid-19

COPID-19 or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was recently discovered to have a potential cause of pneumonia in children. This new disease was discovered after routine chest x-rays and CT scans on children with COPID-19 were unable to find any abnormalities. It was then that the pediatricians, upon noticing the lack of symptoms of respiratory disease in the children, started to monitor them carefully for any kind of respiratory symptom. In addition, the doctors also started to notice that the children were not gaining weight despite their active lifestyle. They were also not showing any signs of allergic reactions to inhalants or food products. When the complete history was gathered, the doctors diagnosed the children with COPID-19.


COPID-19 is associated with a unique coronavirus known as SARS-Cov-2. Older adults and those with other serious underlying medical conditions such as lung or heart disease seem to be at greater risk for developing complications from COPID-19 disorder. Therefore, if you, or a loved one has had symptoms consistent with these kinds of diseases, you may help prevent pneumonia by treating your condition with the helpful supplement, covid-19.

The supplement, covid-19 can only be purchased by direct order from the health department. There is a prescription fee involved. You will need to fill out an expose notification form that is available online. You will be expected to fill in the name of the person-or person responsible for monitoring your health, the health department’s contact information, and the date of your exposure. The supplement is best administered under the care of a physician. Health departments and poison control centers may also be able to give you instructions on how to properly take the supplement.