The Role of News in Society

News is information about recent events, usually occurring around the world. This can be given through a variety of media: printed news, radio, television, newspaper systems, television, and by the oral testimony of witnesses and experts to recent events. In recent years, with the explosion of the internet, news can also be disseminated online. News is one of the most important features of modern society, crucial for the functioning of society as a whole and affecting the actions and choices of individuals and groups on a wide scale. Governments frequently distribute news to the mass audience, the latest in bulletins, banners, and other electronic forms.


The value of news cannot be undermined any longer. It is not only a means of informing the people but is also a powerful means of citizen control. The media has become the vehicle of change. Reporters and editors constantly strive to keep the people informed. It is the role of the news to challenge prevailing prejudices, opinions, and interests and to bring about debate and change. The press has an important role to play in the overall process of societal communication.

The old-style, controlled and regimented news gathering process has been replaced by the informal, personalized nature of the internet. This new style of news gathering is very effective in its task of providing people and their representatives a unique opportunity to express themselves. News can neither be manipulated nor abused for any political, religious, or commercial motives. The news must serve to educate, inform, enlighten, and entertain people. By doing this, news helps build a foundation of public trust in the media and strengthens the foundations of free enterprise.